The OIC has the power to sign SRAs on behalf of the university`s board of directors. The ISPs also sign to recognize that they understand the terms of the agreement and will comply with it. Once the sponsor has signed, the contract will be executed in full. Businesses and universities are increasingly demanding documentation of inter-institutional research partnerships. Formal agreements in these cases will help to avoid misunderstandings and disputes over the ownership of the results. Cooperation contracts should be sent to the Industrial Contracts Office within the Technology Licensing Board using a fully approved routing and proposal development form. Stanford has its own standard cooperation agreement, which can also be used. ICO negotiates sponsored research agreements when a company makes funds available to the university for a given project and seeks intellectual property rights or detailed research reports. When a company provides funds without obtaining rights, it is often a gift. “Cooperation” differs from sponsored research material transfer agreements are contracts that provide material properties of research, such as biological organisms, external sources to Stanford researchers for research or Stanford researchers to external researchers. Material transfer agreements are treated as sponsored research projects with the MTA routing form fully supported through the Office of Technology Licensing`s Office of Industrial Contracts. For more information on how to process data agreements and which they can sign, see the February 2015 memo from Vice-Provost and Council. The sector-funded clinical trial agreements are concluded by the Clinical Trial Research Management Group (CT-RMG).

clinical studies and other non-industrial agreements supported by the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR). Equipment loans are agreements in which a sponsor may lend certain equipment to Stanford, such as hardware, software and/or documentation for research purposes. One such example is an agreement in which Stanford and a private organization participate in a joint research program that uses company equipment and shares results, including data. This type of agreement usually does not involve money, but allows Stanford and industry researchers to use each other`s facilities. ICO negotiates and signs sponsored research and research agreements with industry, as well as data and hardware transfers with all types of companies. However, industrial agreements on clinical trials are carried out by RMG at the School of Medicine. ICO negotiates a large number of research contracts, ranging from multi-year master`s contracts covering many projects to small, unique research projects with large and small businesses. ICO also adopts agreements for industry affiliate programs. What are the necessary authorizations for the use of specific materials in the research project? Researchers and their collaborators should be aware of two key differences between cooperation and subsidized research: first, both parties carry out research essential to the project, as described in a working statement.