Ideally, your excellent customer service creates a great experience for your customers so they can tell their friends and give you their friends` contact information. But it`s not always that simple. Sometimes also with the most amazing customer service and satisfied and satisfied customers, current customers still need the motivation to make recommendations. Implementation of three critical forms 1) Recommendation Form 2) Cross-sell form and 3) Coverage Rejection Form offers a variety of benefits. Agents practice and optimize the use of these forms to enhance the customer experience. By using each form with each client, agents generate more revenue while increasing the link and customer satisfaction. These forms even reveal possible future coverage problems and prevent E-O requests against your agency. In the end, you are considered the true advisor and insurance professional that you are. 3.

The Member of the Recommendation accepts that, in the event of its obligations under these conditions of recommendation (a) he will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations (including, but not only, one of the above provisions relating to the use of language or material that is false, false, materially inaccurate, defamatory or otherwise misleading in its marketing and advertising services. , b) comply with all guidelines and company, and c) for sale, to waive the invitation or negotiation of the sale of insurance. An insurance agency considering a referral agreement should first consider the pros and cons of formalizing the relevant reference relationship. It is also important to understand and protect the potential legal risks associated with such an agreement. Often, what motivates current clients to make recommendations is a recommendation fee. In essence, thank you to customers for sending new recommendations with a payment. Gift cards are a reward for new transactions. Typically, an agent offers a selection of different gift cards from local businesses. And many high-performing agents prefer the gift cards they buy from their corporate customers. Whether you use paper or online recommendation forms, the questions are the same. Your customers need to provide you with enough information to keep up with. It takes about 2 to 3 minutes maximum.

These are the fields that are usually used on a customer recommendation form: there are many forms in the insurance industry, so you`re probably wondering how three forms could do all of this. Let`s take a closer look. The three forms are as follows: in the current competitive insurance market, business processes are more reliable for customers, work procedures improved and time reduction. Most of what is needed to compete is tedious, expensive or overly complicated. With technology, you can optimize your forms through automation and integration to improve overall business performance. 8. Compensation. Subject to the conditions set out here, Referral Partner (the “compensating party”) releases the injury obligation and defends the company and its senior executives, Directors, employees, agents, affiliates, successors and authorized beneficiaries of the assignment (“destitute party”) against all losses, damages, liabilities, defects, claims, deeds, judgments, transactions, interest, allowances, penalties, fines, expenses or expenses of any kind , including legal fees. , and the costs and expenses associated with the performance of a right to compensation in accordance with these terms of recommendation and the costs associated with the prosecution of insurance providers incurred by the unpaid party (“cumulative losses”) on a claim resulting from a violation or non-compliance with a guarantee, guarantee or contract, in accordance with the following conditions of recommendation , by the compensation party or by the personnel of the party unscathed; (b) that commissions or other payments (other than referral fees) are due to a representative, staff member or